Chicago had a successful first annual Cider Week last year.
2018's CCW is promised to be even better! Join us Feb 11th - 17th.
Events include tastings at bars and restaurants across the city, community gatherings, and educational opportunities. This week-long festival is a unique opportunity to spend time with and learn from makers, growers, and cider drinkers. Chicago Cider Week will highlight, promote, and inform the community about where and how to enjoy Chicago’s many cider offerings.

Chicago is a cider town, boasting Right Bee Cider, as well as the forthcoming Eris Cider House and Begyle. It also has a cider bar, The Northman, in addition to countless bars and restaurants with great taste in cider. Chicago is blessed to be smack dab in the middle of the midwest, with all sorts of apples from Michigan, Wisconsin, and Northern Illinois being turned into truly delicious cider. Cider is Chicago’s drink for celebrating, being merry, and keeping warm through the cold Windy City winters.

If you know of any cider events, awesome places to have a good cider, or any questions please email info@chicagociderweek.com

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